Engage, enthuse and empower your patients with shared haemodialysis care

Shared haemodialysis care engages patients as active partners in their treatment enabling them to participate in some or all of their dialysis care.

From choosing some of the simpler tasks such as measuring their own blood pressure, to the more complex skills such as programming their machines, the essence of shared care is involvement at a level that suits the individual.

With the reassurance of continued support, whether they participate or not, it is a comfortable way of learning and discovering what they are capable of. Patients say that when they are involved it gives them control, makes them feel more confident, and helps with self esteem.

Setting up shared care as a team?

We've produced a number of key tools to help you on your journey:

  • Work out where you are on the journey to implementing shared care with your patients using the shared care roadmap
  • Describe what shared care is to patients using our template information leaflets
  • Establish and measure what your patients want to do for themselves and what they are already doing with a patient audit survey
  • Work out what your staff think about and need to be able to do shared care with a staff survey
  • Record the progress and competency of your patients using a competency handbook

Show your patients what they can do with support. We have a directory of patient skills videos along with a collection of inspiring patient stories.

New in 2024: Healthcare practitioner education

If you are training your staff about shared care, the healthcare practitioner education page provides resources to support an induction or self directed learning for professional development

"Provides a toolkit of learning materials which enables staff to understand how shared care works and how patients feel about participating in the shared care programme"

-- Maria Jocelyn Diego, Ward Sister, Leeds

We run a team-focused shared care course to support your clinic team to move forwards with shared care.

We also run regular forums and events that you and your healthcare colleagues can attend, wherever you are with your programmes.

Coming soon

We'll be celebrating work worth shouting about and showcasing examples of great practice across the UK.

Key Tools for Download

These are the key tools that any team needs to get started with Shared Haemodialysis Care, as identified on the course.