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    Communication and Shared Care Messages Kit. #engagement #sharedcare #whyidosharedcare #presentations
    Getting people talking about shared care whether patients, nurses, carers or consultants is really important to increase awareness and build on the learning little step by little step. The messages kit below is simple to use and can be fun and has been tried out at the BRS2017 'popup'. There is no right or wrong answer as to what is the best shared care message as this will vary depending on your audience BUT what this facilitates is the opportunity to share thoughts and views - Try it out and tell us what you think.

    Method -
    a)Get your audience into a room with a projector connected to a computer that has the Powerpoint application on it
    b)issue out the word document with the summary and 10 messages on it
    c) use the presentation below to explain about shared care (you can substitute your own if you want but the key here is to set the scene about what shared care is
    d) At the final slide (the one with the big red double headed arrow) pause for a few moments and ask the audience to each consider the messages on the word document. Tell the audience they have 3 votes so think about which 3 messages are most meaningful to them and mark then on their paper.
    e) Start with messages 1 and ask the audience to put up their hand if they voted for that message. Count the number of hands raised and change (on the presentation) the 0 to the number of votes. Then move the green block from the left hand side of the arrow to the right hand side and position it approximately where you think it will order depending on the number of votes (ie if 0 votes it will be near the bottom)
    f) go through each message counting the votes and moving the block.
    g) ask if any new messages have been considered... update this to one of the NEW blocks and ask the audience to rate where it should sit on the right hand side (move the other blocks around if you need too)
    h) Once you have gone through all the messages you will have the order the room feel they rank - you can now discuss with the audience why they thought those were the most relevant and why not some of the others. This promotes debate and, if the audience is mixed can throw up different ways of thinking which others may not have considered.

    Good luck - let us know how you get on.

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