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Data Use and Privacy Policy

Who we are

The Sharing Haemodialysis Care website is intended to bring together information and guidance about the varied areas of shared haemodialysis care. The vision of Shared Care is for people who receive treatment at dialysis centres to have the opportunity and support to participate in their treatment and thereby improve their experience and their outcomes.

This policy sets out how we use data stored on our site. 

What information we hold

We record a small amount of information about how our site is used to help us develop and improve it, and therefore provide the best possible service to our visitors. This data is not personal and cannot be traced back to any individual visitor.

Most of the content on this site is publicly and freely available, and therefore we do not collect any personally identifiable information from our visitors when they access this content.

Some of the resources stored on this are confidential and can only be accessed by NHS staff or other authorised individuals. In addition, some sections of our site allow visitors to interact in discussions and collaborative groups. To allow access to these resources we may require you to register on the site with a user account.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service which tracks how our site is used. It allows us to monitor how our visitors access certain information and identify where improvements may be made to make useful or important resources more visible and accessible. It also allows us to track how visits to our site change over time and helps us ensure the information we provide can remain relevant and up to date. None of this data can be traced back to an individual visitor.

Google Analytics transmits website traffic date to Google-owned servers. Google Analytics does not identify individual users or associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. You can learn more about Google Analytics here.

You can also prevent Google Analytics from storing cookies on your computer if you wish by using Google's Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Removing and preventing cookies

You can retract your consent for us to use cookies at any time. Simply click the Remove Cookies link in the header and all existing cookies will be removed. No further cookies will be stored on your device unless you select Reconsider Consent.

Registered Users

Registering on the Site

If you register as a user on our site to access restricted resources or take part in collaborative groups, you will be required to consent to our processing essential personal information in the registration information you provide. This information is primarily used to identify you as a user when you log in, and to allow us to verify that you are authorised to access the relevant parts of the site.

We will request the following information from you when you register on the site:

  • Your full name
  • Your work e-mail address (e.g. an or address) – we do not require you to provide your personal e-mail, but you may provide this if you prefer to use it.
  • Your job role
  • The name of the organisation you work for
  • If applicable, the name of the dialysis unit you work for

When registering you will be asked to provide your consent for us to store and handle this information. You will also be asked if you are happy for us to contact you via e-mail with information about updates on the site, such as new articles or updated documents.

We will only use the information you provide us for the purposes of verifying your identity or, with your express permission, contacting you with information relating specifically to Shared Care. 

Viewing and removing your personal information

You may delete your user account at any time by accessing the My Profile screen and selecting Delete My Account. This will remove all personal information relating to you and your use of the site. Please note that this will also disable your access to any restricted areas of the site.

You can view all personal information related to you on the site by selecting Your Information on your Profile screen. This will list any interaction you have had on the site, for example: posts in groups, comments on articles, attendances on events.

​Other uses of personal information

Use of photography and media

As part of this project, we have built up a library of stock photos taken at various participating NHS dialysis units across the UK. We have also produced several videos relating to Shared Care. All persons involved in these photos and video recordings provided their consent for their image to be taken and for these to be used in media supporting the Shared Care project.

We may also take photos at relevant events for use in new articles, or request photos from third party sources where appropriate. We will always ensure that explicit, informed consent has been given for this use where identifiable persons are included. At the time your photo was taken you should have been informed fully about how the photo would be used and where it would be shared, and you should have been given the opportunity to give your consent for the photo to be taken. If you do not believe you were given the opportunity to consent to your photo being used, please contact us via the e-mail below and we will endeavour to investigate and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

News articles & stories

As part of the Shared Care project, we have been serving as a platform for patients and staff to share their experiences in participating in Shared Care. This takes the form of written stories and news articles which are published on this site, often accompanied by photos. All persons referenced in these articles gave their consent for the article to be published on the site.

If a photo or video on this site contains your image and you either wish to withdraw your consent for its use, or believe you did not provide informed consent for its use, please contact Sonia Lee via the details below. Your personal information/image will be removed as quickly as possible, and we will do our utmost to ensure that your right to privacy has been respected. 

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