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Key Shared Care Tools for Getting Started

The documents below are the key tools that any team or unit needs to get started with Shared Haemodialysis Care, as identified on the Shared Care Course run by Tania Barnes.

  • Read the Road-map to identify the key stages and gain hints and tips as you progress.
  • The Staff Questionnaire will help you identify staff understanding of Shared Care and establish their development needs.
  • The Patient Audit Questionnaire will help you identify what your patients are already doing, and what they would like to learn.
  • The Competency Handbook can be used to record patient progress. This can be downloaded and printed, however the branding and design must not be changed.
  • The Kidney Care UK Patient Leaflet has been written with us to provide a generic information leaflet that you can print directly, or request copies from Kidney Care UK.
  • The Customisable Patient Leaflet can be downloaded and modified by local organisations - for example adding your own Trust logo and photos.
File Name: Shared Haemodialysis Care Competency Handbook (Revised v2 - 2018)
File Size: 700 kb
Download File
File Name: Shared Care - Roadmap
File Size: 304 kb
Download File
File Name: Kidney Care UK Generic Patient Shared Care Leaflet
File Size: 941 kb
Download File
File Name: Generic Staff Questionnaire
File Size: 50 kb
Download File
File Name: Generic Patient Audit Questionnaire
File Size: 48 kb
Download File
File Name: Customisable Patient Information Leaflet (eg. add your own images/Trust logo)
File Size: 561 kb
Download File


  1. Patient Posters
  2. Articles on Staff Experiences and Patient Stories - Marketplace Patient stories or useful items
  3. Stakeholder Analysis
  4. Henwood, A et al (2018) Co-production Learning from the Shared Haemodialysis Care Programme (British Journal of Renal Medicine Vol 23 No.2 pp 53-57
  5. Why Bother with Shared Care Infographic
  6. RA/Kidney Care UK Patient Information Shared Care Leaflet
  7. Shared Haemodialysis Care Competency Handbook
  8. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  9. Shared Care Staff Questionnaire
  10. Shared Haemodialysis Care Patient Audit
  11. Local Action Plan for Sustainability
  12. Why I do Shared Care Template
  13. QI Methodology
  14. Staff Shared Care Competency
  15. Peer Education References

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