The Marketplace is to be a repository of documents, tools and any other items that can help in progressing Shared Care.

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Patient Information to Offer and Encourage Engagement :


These are a series of posters from the Stevenage Team to encourage patients to take up Shared Care.  The series if called "DID YOU KNOW Shared Care is...."  and covers handwashing, pre treatment observations, preparing the pack and applying pressure post treatment.  HERE

Many sites have SHARED CARE notice boards to display ideas, posters and information about what Shared care is, what it is not and who to go to for more information.  Its a really simple way to share the message.






Why not create a shared Care focus group with your patients - a Poster for this from the Heart of England team is HERE


What does my weight mean?

weight poster

Weigh while you wait poster form Heart of England team HERE


What does my blood pressure mean?

Blood pressure poster

Two blood pressure posters form the Heart of England Team.  First as a promotion to take your own BP HERE and secondly as a Regular Poster HERE


Why do I need to wash my hands and access?

This is a link to a BBC article called "are you washing and drying your hands wrong?".  It may be useful for anyone who needs to change their handwashing habits but is not reacting well to a medical request. It also includes a video on how to wash your hands  HERE


Leaflet explaining What is shared haemodialysis care? The facts!  

A Patients guide to Shared Care (produced by East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust)  HERE

This is the Heart of England Shared Care leaflet HERE

(See also Yorkshire and Humber Shared care leaflet for patients in Resources )

Engaging Staff and Patients :

Coffee Mornings for Patient Awareness  :

            Nottingham suggested Agenda HERE Presentation HERE  Evaluation Form HERE

            Heart oF England Coffee Morning Poster HERE


Montage to print out  #whyIdosharedCare Powerpoint version Cards or PDF version Cards

What to do ? Fill them in take photo to create local montage.  Remember to print off in colour (double sided if you can) and ask poeple to sign the back to give permission to use the photograph.  Create the montage with the combined photos from your local unit/team.  Good luck, happy snapping. 

Supporting Patients Learning

This document from the Heart of England team shows how different tools can be linked to the 7 learning styles HERE

This document again from the Heart of England team gives ideas on aides to assit those with learning difficulties HERE

Patient and Staff Surveys

This Patient experience Suvery that can be adapted from the Heart of England team  HERE

Please find the Steveage Team Chared Care Patient SurveyHERE

WRITING Patient or STAFF Storys

Use these Templates to help frame and write up experiences so they can be shared with other to encourage and inform :


SHAREHD Pamphlet/One Page Book PDF version.  Print in Colour & Booklet style   DOWNLOAD

SHAREHD A3 Poster PDF version  Print in colour & A3  DOWNLOAD

Lanyards : These have been produce by  The specfication is attached HERE but please make sure that you check the specification and pricing as this may have changed and will depend on teh number of lanyards ordered.  Orders were a minimum of 100.

Pencils and Pens : These have been produced via KRUK contacts however they are a RED colour with a plain BLACK SHAREHD logo imprinted.  We have found that the long pencils with rubbers on the end are more useful that teh smaller 'stubbie' pencils.  Orders of 500 were minimum.  Black LOGO is available HERE

Pullup Banners : These can be ordered using the PDF available HERE.  It is suggested you contact a local printer sending them the PDF to obtain a quote but you shoudl be able to order single prints.

SHAREHD Lables : Attached HERE is a standard template with the SHAREHD logo in place.  Please note that this is for an A4 sheet of 21 Lables 63.5mm*38.1mm


Facilitating Problem Solving with patients, Staff and Stakeholders :

Problem Solving  - 14 Questions

Decisional matrix and confidence/importance scale

The following are from the Heart of England team and are all photo Guides for training purposes they include :

  • how to setup your trolly HERE
  • what are the parts and functions of your machine HERE
  • How does you machine work HERE


Hand Washing - This is a link to a BBC Article "Are you washing and drying you hands wrong?".  It may be useful for patients or staff who woudl benefit form hearing this 

Questions to ask when creating a Staff Questionnaire  DOWNLOAD

Policies and Guidelines :

Here is a Guideline for the Management of the Shared and Self Care Dialysis programme that has been produced by the Heart of England Team  HERE

This Shared Care Policy was produced and is used by James Paget Hospital in Norfolk HERE

Presentations :

The following presentations have been created by the Heart of England team for Nurse training :

This is around the barriers of Shared Care, Home HD and Needing HERE

This is "What is Shared Care"  HERE

Patient Information Case Study Presented to Westminster All Parliamentary Forum May 2017  DOWNLOAD

BRS2017 - Bringing Care closer to patients DOWNLOAD

BRS2017 - SHARHD Pop-Up Message session  DOWNLOAD


Quality Improvement Tools : 

Rather than replicate tools here we are linking to websites where other tools are available.  Particularly the Sheffield Microsystems Coaching Accadamy and the KQUIP Tool repository.

Sheffield MCA - 

  1. One page books (explanation of QI methods)     HERE
  2. QI Tools and Blank Worksheets                           HERE
  3. Measurement for Improvement                            HERE


    KQUIP QI Hub / QI Tools                                          HERE

IHI - Institute of Healthcare Improvement

     Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit                   HERE

General Practioners 

    Model for improvement                                            HERE











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