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Create Time by..... patients coming in earlier to setup and learn

Observation trolly for patients to Share in their Care


Wolv'n used PDSA cycles to create a trolley with reusable observation tags

Wolverhampton use white boards for simple communication 



Use the SHAREHD logo from here  DOWNLOAD

Sonia Lee

 PATIENT COFFEE MORNING explained & encouraged shared care outside dialysis sessions

I understand better how my dialysis works and I know my own body better, which helps to keep me healthier Orlando Douglas - March 2017
I now have the confidence to take control of my treatment Orland Douglas - March 2017
Now I am on home HD having the freedom to work my dialysis around my life, and to get a lot of my independence back Orland Douglas - March 2017
The value of failed tests: "I did not fail one thousand times, I found one thousand ways how not to make a light bulb" Thomas Edison
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