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Business Cases

​In order to aid SHAREHD sites in progressing shared care, we are making example business cases available below.

For those thinking of building formal Peer support into a referable 'service' please see the Job Specification and person Specification for the role that is currently in operation in Nottingham.   Other peer support mechanisms are in place but the key to this role is that the coordinator works for the hospital and patients are formally trained to understand how to support other patients. 

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The role of Peer Support Facilitator came out of a NIHR RfPB funded research study SELFMADE which was carried out at Lister Hospital, Stevenage. The SELFMADE research project had a number of work streams including peer support. The work streams were led by different members of the SELFMADE research group. There was a favourable outcome in regard to the peer support work stream and it was felt that it should continue as a clinical development when the research finished.

From the feedback it was decided that the Peer Support Facilitator needed to be a renal patient or carer.It was felt that this would give a very different perspective and influence the development in a positive way.

The local kidney patient association, Lister Area Kidney Patient Association (LAKPA), were interested in SELFMADE in general and the peer support work stream in particular.LAKPA agreed in conjunction with the Organ Donation Committee (ODC) to fund the post for one day a week for two years.

The post was advertised, recruitment took place and the successful candidate started in June 2017. The renal team and LAKPA have collaborated in regard to the development of this role.

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​If you are considering arranging you staffing so that a specific role for a Shared Care Sister is included the job description found here that has worked in Wolverhampton would be of great use to you.  

Even if a specific role is not being created but you want to build share care into the job descriptions of other posts this will also be of great benefit.

Thanks to the Wolverhampton unit for providing this Job Description

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​If you are considering trying to establish a small self care or shared care unit in addition to your current Main / Satelite units please see below as an example business case that was originally submitted by York Hospitals for the Harrogate Self care Unit in 2012.  The unit has evolved over time being either fully self caring or shared care depending on the needs to the patients using the facility at the time. 

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​Other service providers working in partnership with trusts to deliver in center haemodialysis is something that most trusts have some element of.  There are many permutations of what that service may cover from buildings only, buildings and equipment to a fully serviced, fully staffed and equipped independent unit.  What is common is that all will have contracts defining the level of service and delivery expectations.  Below is an example of such a clause to specify shared care .  

​ Ø  Shared Care ​ Minimum 10% of patients participating in 5 elements of the shared care process with improvement demonstrated each year. 95% of patients will have been offered participation in the shared care process. ​ The service provider shall provide a quarterly progress report for shared care. To include number of patients approached to participate and number of patients doing 5 or more elements of the shared care process as per RWT documentation

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​If you are considering to progress the approach of having a more structured transition phase from Pre-Dialysis to In center Heamodialysis. the following Business case may be of interest to you.   It is based on the highly successful Liverpool New Starter Dialysis Pathway.

It identifies a nurse-led pathway for patients commencing haemodialysis. Patients report that this is a time of significant physical and psychological distress. This pathway is aided by a checklist and will be administered/ facilitated by a trained nurse(TN) &patient support worker (PSW).

The case was submitted to the local  charity "Kidney Research Yorkshire" with a successful outcome .

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TEMPORARY ENTRY - Dialysis@Home Instruments

Please find below the remaining instruments for the dialysis@ Home study that needed to be protected  due to licence agreements.  The instruments are all combined into a single Patient Questionnaire for simplicity of printing.

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