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2nd SHAREHD Learning Event Takes Place

28th February, Novotel was the time and place for the 2nd SHAREHD Learning Event. 

The 6 teams from Nottingham, Stoke, Stevenage, Sheffield, Sunderland and Wolverhampton reconvened and shared their progress and lessons for the tests of change that they had committed too at the first event.

We had an inspirational talk by Asif Ali who dialyses 6 days a week and told us how sharing his care with the Leicester nursing team changed his life. 

The collaborative culture of all see all share alongside the Thomas Edison "Value of Failed Tests" mantra "I did not fail one thousand times; I found one thousand ways how not to make a light bulb" started to emerge as teams realised that honesty in admitting something did not go as expected is not negative it is a positive learning experience to understand what does not work. As a group we are gaining the confidence to make changes and test again to find out what does work.

Martin Wildman provided fantastic experience from his Cystic Fibrosis quality Improvements, creating a resilient learning mind set and how the COM-B model of behaviour change can help to create the habits to overcome the Won't and the Can't change barriers.

Links to the presentations can be found below. 

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File Name: SHAREHDLearningEvent2COMBWILDMANSlides
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