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Alison's Story

Shared Haemodialysis Care is radically improving health outcomes for kidney patients in Yorkshire and the Humber. Thanks to an innovative project developed in conjunction with patients from across our region and sponsored by The Health Foundation and NHS Kidney Care, 90% of 1800 patients are now actively participating in their own haemodialysis treatment. 

When first faced with the knowledge that I myself required dialysis treatment I willingly relinquished my independence and became fully reliant on the expertise of renal consultants and dialysis specialist nurses.

The buzz of Shared Haemodialysis Care on the unit encouraged greater engagement with nurses and support staff and once better informed I realised I could take on more responsibility for my care. Being careful with my diet had a positive effect on my blood results, not only demonstrating the influence I could have on my own health but also giving me an improved sense of well-being. As my confidence developed, my husband and I then prepared for home haemodialysis and a few months later with all I had gained from taking part in Shared Haemodialysis Care, was able to leave the hospital setting and continue my dialysis treatment at home.

Shared Haemodialysis Care is changing the culture of dialysis treatment across Yorkshire and the Humber Region. My hope is that this care model will not only continue to grow but will actually spread across the whole of Britain. 

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