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Can Patient Experience Enhance Current Measures of Quality of Haemodialysis

Currently the quality of dialysis treatment is based on measures that doctors think are important, including the results of blood tests, blood pressure results and how long patients live on dialysis. 

Every dialysis unit in the UK collects this data and it is used to compare the care that dialysis units are providing. We do not routinely collect data on how good patients feel their care is. We do not know what aspects of care are most important to patients. We do not know if different patients have different views on what is important.

The aim of this research is to understand from patients which aspects of their dialysis treatment affect their experience of haemodialysis. We want to know what they think contributes to good quality treatment and what represents good results from treatment. We also want to see if patients who are taking part in a shared care treatment programme (where patients learn to do part or all of their dialysis treatment themselves) have different views from patients who choose to have their treatment completely managed by nursing staff. Additionally we would like to find out whether patients' views differ from the views of health care professionals. We want to use this information to improve the dialysis care we provide for patients and allow us to compare the quality of care provided at different units. We also want to use the data to help prioritise care according to patient-centred measures rather than along traditional healthcare-professional models. 

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