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How Shared Care was positive for Mr Matharu and his family

Anitta Thomas from Imperial College Hospital speaks about her experiences with a shared care patient.

Watch this great documentary on all things renal.

In this fabulous episode of Matron, Medicine and Me Dr Ranjan Chatterjee reunites with the renal tea...

A Staff Member's Story

A health care worker tells their story of first encountering Shared Care. 

A Physician's Perspective on Jonkoping Self Care Unit

York Nephrologist's Report on Jonkoping Self Care Haemodialysis Unit Visit, October 2011 

A Nursing Perspective of Jonkoping Self Care Unit

Jonkoping Ryhov Hospital caters for a population of approximately 140,000 and the hospital provide an acute and chronic service to its inhabitants. The Renal unit is set within the grounds of the hospital that appears to provide acute and chronic services. The renal unit cost £500,000 to build and comprises of a 12 station haemodialysis unit, a PD unit that currently has approximately 21 patients at home and a self care unit.