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NEWLY REVISED Shared Haemodialysis Care Competency Handbook 2019

This handbook revision has been a project over many months and is welcomed by many wishing to move forwards with Shared care. Our aim was to provide a generic record of competence that was simple and easy to use for patients and staff on any dialysis unit. The changes were made following extensive review by the many units participating in Shared haemodialysis care programmes over the last year.

The revised handbook changes:

  • Portrait style for easier handling (photos removed to reduce confusion for patients if training with different machines)
  • A record added for patients to describe how they like to learn and what staff can do to make it easier for them
  • Wording reduced to cover basic stages for each competency. Reference to own unit procedures throughout. (This has made it generic and reduced size and cost)
  • Signatures required at just 3 stages before final competency, making it clearer and more structured (Helper option added)
  • A clear table at the front enables easy reference for training stage
  • A reassessment record provides evidence of retraining dates

This pdf version can be downloaded or printed in its entirety or the content used in a design of your own. It should not be rebranded and presented as your organisation's document.

For any further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To print the booklets: you can do this directly from the website and photocopy your own or send to a professional printing company. John Brailsford professional printing company (used for the redesign and sample printing of the handbook), have the blueprint and can arrange delivery within a few days of ordering. The cost is approximately £2.50 per book for an order of 100.

Call 0800 731 7825 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To supplement the competency record: you will need to have your own unit procedures ready for you and your patients to work with as these are referred to throughout the document.This might be an opportunity to revise and make more user friendly for patients. (An opportunity for co-production!)


  • Use photos or videos of your own equipment and machines to provide visual guides to procedures. Generic videos of dialysis procedures can be found on this website under 'market place'
  • Create with patients (co-production again) a list of frequently asked questions to add to your resources. E.g. what do I do if I drop a line on the floor? If I have a shower in the morning, do I still need to wash my fistula arm? What if I don't feel well enough one day to do shared care? This could be a really good workshop with patients to get them involved and thinking how they could support others new to shared haemodialysis care.
  • Collect a range of learning resources. Your patients could add to (yet another co- production idea) and review them for each other – trip advisor style. This could be anything from: How I remember where the lines go, or tips and tricks, to anatomy and physiology of the kidney or how the dialysis machine works. Presentation of the latter should be provided to reflect the range of patients wishing to understand this information at a level they find accessible

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