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Self Care is Better Care

There is a lot of evidence demonstrating that the more people are involved in their care the better the experience, the safer the care and that the outcomes improve. The NHS somehow forgot this important fact over the last few decades but thankfully the kidney care team in York have rediscovered this principal and have been working hard to develop the skills, competences and confidence to support individual patients getting involved in their care. 

Most people approaching the need for dialysis will remember learning to drive or switching on a computer for the first time. They were daunting tasks approached with a mixture of trepidation , anxiety and determination. But of course you don't need to be a car mechanic or computer scientist to drive or log on. Approaching dialysis is daunting but the York team understand that and they are experts in teaching and training patients and carers. Paul Laboi and colleagues have been working with the world leaders in self-care dialysis from Sweden and supported by the Health Foundation has developed the processes, methods and systems that are robust, reliable and sustainable to offer great care.

Patients are at the centre of the kidney care multiprofessional team. All the listening, talking, discussing options, exploration of choices and implementation of plans is aimed at achieving one goal – The very best possible experience and outcomes for every individual patient. We know the more people with kidney disease understand their condition, participate in choice and get involved in the planning and management of their own care the better the care.

Self-care is better care. 

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