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SHAREHD – Learning Event 7 - 22nd November 2017

Once again thank-you all for attending the learning event last week .It was a fascinating day with lots of input and learning from all the teams


In particular we should thank Kat from Nottingham and Siobhan from Stevenage for their Big Shares of what and how shared care has progressed at their units since the start of the programme. Their presentations along with the full presentation of the day can be found on the website under SHAREHD/Learning Events simply scroll down to the Learning event 7 and click on the highlighted words.

I thought you would all be really interested to see what each team thought of as the SIMPLEST but most effective thing you do in your unit that encourages Shared Care.Its interesting to seethe similarities across the units and how framing key questions can open so many discussions.













As patients "do you know your Target Weight ? " This leads to "do you want to learn how to calculate your fluid removal on Dialysis"

Ticklist of what patients can / cannot do

Handover involving what patients are doing for SC

Devised monthly checklist as well as weekly

Checklist in patient folder showing which tasks patients need help with or are competent to carry out.

Patients can come in straight away from waiting room – no waiting.

Ask the patients to be part of my team

Communication with patients & Staff

Ticklist for patients to measure SHC and waiting room arrangement

by rescheduling HD times positively gained 15 mins for genuine patient/nurse time.This has lead to positive patient encouragement, time was being wasted at the end of the day – staff were too busy and stressed.We not have a calmer positive environment conducing to learning

The question "would you like to know how to manage you own dialysis needs by cannulating yourself and getting yourself on and off the machine" actually encourages patients to learn SHC as it will save them time.

Paul taught us all how to "Plot the dots" in a session focusing on measurement and in particular the different between Audit and Run time charts.He highlighted why for quality improvement we need to measure very regularly and plot the outcomes so that we can see the trends which Audits can miss.

The PSDA clinic highlighted the key question of motivation and ownership of the delivery of shared care.Thanks to Angela from KRUK for the session on communication which has giving massive food for thought on how locally teams can highlight what and how they are doing with Shared Care.Don't forget to think about what you will be doing for WORLD KIDNEY DAY, Angela is the project manager for the event so can get support you with what ever your ideas may be.

The patient break out and reporting on Co-Production went really well with many teams requesting more patient perspective sessions in the remaining learning events.Many of the comments raised were previously unrecognised such as

  • Access to information and choice from day one. To reduce fear and anxiety and help provide 'peace of mind'. Even if clinicians don't think that the patient is ready for all information, it should be the patient's choice.
  • Involvement in the environment (e.g. temperature access to blankets).
  • Barrier: inconsistency in staff attitudes.

We finished with teams thinking about what is their next stage of quality improvement in terms of a follow on PDSA cycle.

We are now thinking about what the last 2 learning events will contain and how to make sure that we get the most of the remaining events.If you have any bright ideas that you want to present or just be sure we cover please get in touch and let us know.As we have been growing as a collaborative we will be asking more and more for you to tell the rest of the teams your experiences.

Happy Christmas and looking forward to the learning event 8 on the 23rd January 2018

Patient Feedback time

​Andy and Lisa reporting back the Patient co-production session to the rest of the groups

Full House of teams sharing learning

All 12 teams listing to the BIG share from Siobhan @ Stevenage

Communication Communication Communication

Angela from KRUK works with us to think how as teams we can communicate within and without   - WORLD KIDNEY DAY - March 2018

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