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Chief Executive's Statement

During our time at the Trust we have both been committed to developing renal services for our local communities and have taken a personal interest in making sure these services continue to grow. This began with the opening of the renal dialysis unit at York Hospital in 1999, and under ambitious clinical leadership has grown to include several satellite units, home haemodialysis, and the first self care unit in Selby. 

These units give patients greater independence and more control over their dialysis, and fully fit with the ethos of the Trust to offer care closer to patients' homes and design services around their needs.

At the opening of the unit we saw and heard for ourselves how lives were literally being transformed. These first-hand accounts will stay with us and ensure we are even more committed to our strategy as a result.

We would like to thank the Friends of The New Selby War Memorial Hospital, whose fundraising work along with funds from the York Teaching Hospital Charity, enabled the creation of this unit. The Friends' commitment to enhancing the services provided in their local hospital is making a real difference to patients in the Selby area and we are grateful for their efforts.

- Patrick Crowley(Chief Executive) & Andrew Bertram(Finance Director), York Hospital 

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