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SHAREHD Getting Involved (Programme now closed)

This was the information used to engage patients in the SHAREHD programme. This may be of use for those wishing to engage patients in other local projects.

Patients needed to help 'Expand' NHS Shared Haemodialysis Care Programme.

We are looking for patients to join a SHAREHD Patient Group to represent the interests of patients by assisting and supporting the SHAREHD project board and its workstreams, in the design and implementation of the programme.

Could you help us make this a success? Are you interested in representing the interests of patients participating in the programme? If so, we need you to help us by joining our SHAREHD Patient Group to ensure the patient voice is at the heart of the programme.

Why we want YOU to be involved?

We believe that meaningful patient involvement is fundamental towards achieving outstanding clinical research and development. By being involved, your help will ensure we will continue to deliver exceptional patient led healthcare now and in the future.

You are the expert, and it is from your experiences as a patient or as a carer that we can learn and use this to inform our clinical research and development. 

The SHAREHD Patient Group

The aim of the SHAREHD Patient Group is to provide guideance to the Programme Board that the patient and NHS voices are at the heart of patient care, organisational operations, staff and patient education, training and workforce planning processes.

The secondary aim of the SHAREHD Patient Group is to advise individual patients or SHAREHD Patient Groups at the 12 sites involved in the forthcoming SHAREHD Programme.

Learn more about the members of the ShareHD Patient Advisory Group here. 

So how can YOU help?

If you have personal experience of haemodialysis or are a transplanted patient or if you are a carer of someone else who has, we are looking for volunteers to become a member of our SHAREHD Patient Group.

This group will advise the SHAREHD Programme Board (and its workstreams) on patient and carer related aspects regarding the design, implementation, impact and sustainability of the Programme, by providing personal insights and information.

We are looking for patients who:

  • Are willing to volunteer
  • Are willing to attend informal 'Induction' training
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Are able to use a computer and social media
  • Will play an active part in the SHAREHD Patient Group
  • Can be available for and attend agreed Programme and/or workstream meetings
  • Contribute 'patient' views and give advice to the Programme on how to communicate and engage with the patients the SHAREHD Programme serves
  • Highlight any healthcare issues/priorities or concerns within the renal community that they feel are relevant to the work of the SHAREHD Programme
  • Use their skills to help in the work of the SHAREHD Patient Group and SHAREHD Programme for example by using their HD experience to affect change, IT skills to help design a poster etc.

For further information, please contact Andy Henwood via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Andy is happy to chat through the Role and Responsibilities and can send further information if required.

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